Message from the President

Being a Reliable International Trading Company, Efficiently Structured for Growth

Masaaki Masumoto, CEO 
With “Steady growth and Entrepreneurship” as our principal policy, Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd., has been actively involved in international trading with our overseas associates and partners for 70 years, since our establishment in 1947. We have been distributing to our clientele excellent products, such as a variety of raw materials, machinery and instruments, making our share of significant contributions to growth in industries and improving standards of living both at home and abroad.
Our business groups include Rubber, Chemicals, Machinery & Environmental Business, Industrial Products and Scientific Instruments. In these sectors, we are enjoying a high level of customer appreciation for the products and services we offer.
Global Economy trends become more unforeseeable due to the stagnation in China and many developing countries, problems related to UK’s “Brexit”, the new US president assuming office and larger fluctuation ranges of the exchange rate. Stimulative measures for Japan’s economy, led by government and Central Bank, have been showing their limits and the way to a real recovery of Japan’s economy remains unclear.
Facing this uncertain economy trend, we continue our strategy of steady growth by striving to reach the goals we set in our “VISION 2020” plan by September 2020, as well as by enlarging our business field even further on a long-term basis. We enhance our business expansion focusing on new business development, globalization, M&A and capital alliances, in order to expand our enterprise value. Each of our business groups continues to develop and propose high value-added products along with providing speedy services in response to market needs. As a good corporate citizen and to be a reliable enterprise, we will proactively support high standards of corporate governance, to comply with laws and regulations, to realize the environmental conservation and to contribute to the society.

Masaaki Masumoto, CEO