Chemical Business Unit

Developing Markets and Serving Customers with Expertise and Creativity

The Chemical Business Unit is involved in the import, export and tripartite trade of high-value-added chemicals.

The Unit now focuses on the development of the related materials to growing areas such as pharmaceutical intermediates, energy and environment.

The Unit also expands business with developing countries, such as Vietnam, India and others.

The Unit imports various high quality resins, additives, and other products for marketing to domestic manufacturers of paint, ink, floor polish, textiles, paper, adhesives and leather.

The Unit has close cooperative ties with many major chemical suppliers mainly from North America, Europe and Asia. Through these ties, the Unit has access to information on foreign research and development trends, and on developments in different markets.

In domestic sales, the Unit handles a wide range of distinctive products from a lot of domestic firms, for paint, ink, plastics, sanitary, textiles, paper and adhesive industries.

The Unit exports industrial chemicals, special-purpose resins, additives and other products to North America, European countries and countries of Southeast Asia.

The Adhesive & Machinery Group supplies a wide range of hot melt glues, guns and gluing systems for packaging, automobile, fabrications, constructing etc, as well as controllers for gluing processes for cardboard, paper boxes and corrugated boxes.