Message from the President

Being a Company Achieving Sustainable Development of the International Community and the Happiness of Our Employees, Based on the Slogan “Challenging ourselves for the BEST solution”

Masaaki Masumoto, CEO 
Based on a sound, progressive and entrepreneurial spirit, since its foundation in 1947, Sanyo Trading Co. Ltd has contributed for more than 70 years to improvements in people’s living standards and the development of industry, both in Japan and abroad, centered on the import and marketing of a variety of superior quality raw materials, machinery and instruments to Japanese industry.

Currently in the Sanyo Trading group, the five business groups, Rubber, Chemicals, Machinery & Environmental Business, Industrial Products and Scientific Instruments, and our subsidiaries both in Japan and abroad, provide products adapted to the needs of the market, receiving high marks from our customers.

The Japanese economy continues to recover gradually, with improvements in corporate earnings and in the jobs and income environment, while personal consumption seems to be recovering. On the other hand there is also a growing sense of uncertainty due to trade friction between the United States and China, and changes in the financial and capital markets.

Although there is a certain amount of risk associated with such an uncertain business environment in Japan and abroad, we also see it as a chance offering new business opportunities, and will respond flexibly to the changes of the times.

At the start of our 73rd financial period, we have rethought our management philosophy, and reconstructed our corporate philosophy system with the new slogan of “Challenging ourselves for the BEST solution”. Also in light of the fact that we have reached the numerical targets set in VISION2020, announced in 2015, ahead of schedule, we formulated a new long-term business plan “VISION2023″, which looks ahead to steady growth and development moving towards 2023. Based on this new management philosophy and VISION2023, the whole company will come together and pursue the BEST solution for our customers, while aiming to achieve the happiness of our employees and the sustainable development of the international community.

Masanobu Shintani, CEO