Rubber Business Unit

A broad array of high-performance products
—–The emblem of 60-Year experience in rubber industry

Rubber is used in almost every aspect of industry and daily life. Rubber tires, belts, hoses, rollers and seals are just a few of the essential items we take for granted. In 1952 the Rubber Business Unit became the sole agent for Polysar Limited in Canada, one of the leading synthetic rubber manufacturers in the world. The Rubber Business Unit has since introduced into Japan not only the products of this renowned firm, but also its processing technology, thus making a substantial contribution to the growth of the domestic rubber industry.


In 1990 Bayer AG of Germany acquired the Rubber Division of Polysar. In 2004, Bayer AG established LANXESS featuring polymer and chemical business worldwide. As a result, Rubber Business Unit is now able to offer a wide range of top quality rubbers such as butyl rubbers as well as nitrile butadiene rubbers(NBR) and hydrogenated NBR for industrial rubber goods. This business unit is also an agent for many of domestic major chemical manufactures such as Mitsui Chemicals, Dow Corning Toray, Tosoh, Kuraray, 3M Japan and Osaka Soda. Through these sources rubber business unit supplies a broad array of specialty and general purpose rubbers including polyisoprene, isoprene rubbers, EPDM, polychloroprene rubbers, epichlorohydrin rubbers, silicone rubbers and fluoroelastomers. In the field of rubber chemicals and ingredients, we serve as the sole agent of kaolin clay for KaMin LLC and Kentucky-Tennessee Clay Company in the US, Ricon polybutadiene resins for Cray Valley as well as of alkyphenolic resins for SI Unit.


To support rubber business in each country, we established Bangkok office(Thailand) and Shanghai office(China) in 2003, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi office(Vietnam) in 2010 and New Delhi office(India) in 2012.


As technology advances, high – performance rubbers for parts in automobiles, electric appliances and office machines will become increasingly required. Standards for resistance to heat, oil, and chemical corrosion are becoming more stringent. To meet market requirements, the Rubber Business Unit is developing new products in order to expand its merchandise lineup, and is enhancing a system to supply high-level technical services, providing specialized technological data, and information on international research and development.