Scientific Instruments

Scientific Instruments Business Unit

Superior Technical Support and Consulting

The Scientific Instruments Business Unit imports broad-ranging analytical instruments and testing equipment from leading high-tech manufacturers overseas, and markets to government institutes, universities, and research and quality control divisions in various industries such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, machinery, automobile and energy.


To fulfill the customers’ needs, the sales and application professionals with expert knowledge are confidently able to provide consultations in the level of fundamental operations to in-depth know-how of the analytical instruments and the testing equipments.


Our specialized products are extended range scientific equipment such as tribology-related equipment (test devices and analyzers for maintenance), weathering testers, surface physical properties testers, emission spectrometers, WS-CRDS analyzers (gas concentration and isotopic ratio), bio-process sensors, SPF analyzers, IR/Raman based systems and accessories, and vacuum-related equipments.


The Sanyo Technos Corporation was established to focus on maintenance services, modifications of equipment, manufacturing of specially customized equipment which Scientific Instruments Business Unit handles. The supporting system can provide a prompt and flexible response to the customers’ various requests.