Corporate Missions

Corporate Mission

We strive to be internationally-minded, create values and to contribute to society through utilizing our strong competence in information power and technology.

Business Policy

  • Based on a sound, progressive and entrepreneurial spirit and through our solid business activities, we further improve our company value.
  • Customer’s satisfaction is our highest priority. We provide products and services of superior quality.
  • We respect every individual, see his and her responsibility and build an active business culture with creativity and team spirit.

Course of Conduct

  • We act in a genuine manner and follow our management principle.
  • We abide by the law and all regulations, and strive to steadily improve our sense and dignity.
  • We disclose information and increase the transparency of our businesses.
  • We set clear goals and make timely decisions and implement them with passion and pride.
  • We correspond to changes around us and steadily commit to self-improvement.
  • We increase the closeness of our communication and bring out our organizational strength.
  • We strive to be corporate citizens trusted by society.

Corporate Values

The STC Values are four important factors to ensure all employees follow our Corporate Mission, Business Policy and Course of Conduct.

  • Integrity – We abide by the law and all regulations and act with integrity
  • Passion – We have passion and act actively.
  • Readiness – We make timely decisions and act quickly.
  • Innovative Changes – We apply changes and act with courage