Environmental Contribution Activities

Sale of Environmentally Friendly Products

Sanyo Trading sells a variety of environmentally friendly products.

Environmentally friendly products

Rubber Business Unit

A plasticizer made by Lanxess (Mesamoll®)

A safe plasticizer without phthalate, an endocrine disrupting chemical

Recycled rubber

An eco-friendly material made from used automobile tires

Chemical Business Unit

An alternative solvent made from citrus fruit extract

The solvent is biodegradable and has a lower environmental impact.

A UV oligomer made by Rahn

Reducing the usage of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and improving energy cost efficiency

Water-based and powder-based alternatives for solvent-based resin

VOC-free, air pollution control

Machinery & Environmental Business Unit

A pellet mill for producing environmentally friendly products

A machine for producing refuse derived fuel (RDF)

Wood pellet gasification cogeneration equipment

Efficient use of woody biomass

Life Science Business Unit

A greenhouse gas analyzer

Contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by monitoring greenhouse gas

Metal and plastic discrimination and oil recycling diagnosis devices

Increasing efficiency in the separation and recycling of scrap metal, plastics and industrial oil

ISO 14001

The Company achieved ISO 14001, certification (registration), an environmental management system international standard, on September 10, 2004, for the business activities, products and services below at the head office, Osaka branch, Nagoya branch and Hiroshima office.
Importing, exporting and sale of rubber products, chemical products, machines and equipment, industrial materials, scientific instruments and related services

Accreditation body JAB
Certification body The Japanese Standards Association (JSA)
Registration number JSAE930
Registration date September 10, 2004

Achievements of ISO Initiatives

  Unit 2016 2017 2018 2019
Electricity Usage Thousand/kwh 655 643 900 897
Use of Paper kg 7,169 7,548 7,740 7,530

Environmental Policies

Basic philosophy

Global environmental problems are serious social problems in recent years, and companies’ environmental initiatives are becoming increasingly important. In this environment, Sanyo Trading will actively undertake initiatives to contribute to global environmental conservation and will make the utmost efforts for sustainable social development through sound business activities.

Basic policies

  1. We will propose and provide products and services for reducing the environmental impact when we sell rubber products, chemical products, machines and equipment, industrial materials and scientific instruments, among other products.
  2. We will prevent environmental pollution in our business activities and will continue to improve the environmental management system.
  3. We will comply with laws and regulations, ordinances, and other requirements that we have accepted related to the environment and will work on environmental management.
  4. We will reduce the environmental impact caused by business activities, focusing on the items below. We will periodically review these items and change them as needed.
    1. (1) Actively selling environmentally friendly products and equipment
    2. (2) Reducing waste and promoting recycling
    3. (3) Advocating energy saving and resources saving
    4. (4) Facilitating green purchasing
  5. We will document the environmental management system and will operate, maintain and manage the system based on the documentation.
  6. We will expand the awareness all officers and employees about these environmental policies and will publish them.


December 20, 2018

President & CEO

Masanobu Shintani