Our Business

Quest for Next

We focus on the four markets of fine chemicals, mobility, sustainability, and life sciences and six business units provide value-added products and services that are highly demanded by the markets.
With the slogan “Quest for Next”, Sanyo Trading look ahead and pursue the best solutions for bringing a better future to the earth and all of you.


Business Unit


Fine chemicals

We will contribute to the development of the materials field by providing a stable supply of fine chemicals such as functional materials and environmentally-friendly materials to various industries.

The Rubber Business Unit globally supplies high quality synthetic rubber to Japanese companies of all industrial fields in Japan and overseas.

The Chemical Business Unit engages in the import, domestic sales, export, and intermediate trade of high value-added chemicals.



We will be an early provider of added value through products and services in anticipation of the industrial structure in 2030 and beyond including means of transportation.

The Industrial Products No. 1 and No. 2 Business Units develop, import and sell high-performance and high-value-added automotive interior materials and parts.



We are committed to providing woody biomass, geothermal and marine resources in the renewable energy field and improving the safety and quality of food in the livestock field.

The Green Technology Business Unit imports and sell feed pellet mills and woody biomass related equipment and provide maintenance services.


Life Science

We provide various products and services, particularly on food and medical care, to help improve quality of life.

The Life Science Business Unit provides materials and analytical and testing instruments that contribute to the development of a wide range of industrial fields, including healthcare, food, chemicals, and the environment.