Life Science Business Unit

Life science

We provide materials and scientific instruments that support advanced technologies in the life science field. The Material Solution Department, which provides materials such as functional materials, develops business in collaboration with each of our bases on a global business foundation, and also conducts product development through industry-academia collaboration.
The Scientific Instruments Department, which has a high level of expertise, imports and provides the latest analyzers and testing equipment from overseas, as well as maintenance services.
We also focus on providing bio-related instruments and reagents through our group companies in Japan.

Material Solution Department

Main Business Fields

Cosmetics, Hygiene materials, Detergents/cleaners, Food, Electronic substrates/Semiconductors, Displays, Batteries, Agriculture, Oil drilling, Nuclear power, Industrial rubber

Main Products

Life Science Related Materials

Sustainable Materials

Advanced Technology Related Materials

Scientific Instruments Department

Main Business Fields

Research and development, and quality control in private companies, government agency, universities

Main Products

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