Corporate Mission Vision Values

Challenging ourselves
for the BEST solution


We foster an open, down-to-earth, and entrepreneurial corporate culture that drives our collective efforts to deliver the best solutions flexibly and timely so that we can help achieve the sustainable development of the global community and fulfill employees’ aspirations for well-being.


Deliver tangible solutions
to social issues
to make the world
a better place for everyone


Act with integrity

We observe laws, regulations, and professional ethics in everything we do.

Be a challenger

We build a future full of opportunities and creativity.

Demonstrate agility

We make the right decisions at the right time and act on them effectively.

Pursue innovation

We stay abreast of social and economic changes and seize opportunities for growth and success.


Foundation of our corporate philosophy“Trust is what it takes to succeed in business.”

This is one of the principles included in the 1975 handbook prepared for our sales staff by Eiichi Tamaki, the first president of Sanyo Trading. It implies that becoming intimately familiar with markets and merchandise provides us with the basis for keeping business running smoothly with customers and earning their trust, which in turn drives the growth of the company. This belief is reflected in “an inclusive, down-to-earth, and entrepreneurial corporate culture” and “our collective efforts to deliver the best solutions,” as described in our Mission, and has been upheld by all of us at Sanyo Trading for decades.

初代社長 玉木榮一