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    Privacy Policy

    1.Compliance with laws and regulations
    The Company will strive to improve the handling of personal information it holds as appropriate by complying with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and regulations.

    2.Information about the acquisition and use of personal information
    When acquiring personal information, the Company will announce or provide notice of the purpose of use. When acquiring personal information directly in contracts or other documents (including electromagnetic records), the Company will do so through legal and fair means by clearly stating the purpose of use. The Company uses personal information appropriately to the extent necessary for the purposes of use.

    3.Purposes of use of personal information
    The Company shall use personal information for the following purposes. When using personal information for purposes other than those below, the Company will announce or give notice of the purpose of use each time.
    (1) Personal information about business partners
    Provision of prompt services, execution of contracts with business partners, introduction of products and other information to provide better products and services, the shipment of products, provision of maintenance and other after-sales services, response to inquiries from business partners, etc., conduct of surveys for planning and developing new products or improving services, and provision of other useful information, in the Company’s business.
    (2) Personal information about shareholders (in the case of corporate shareholders, their officers and employees)
    Exercise of rights and performance of obligations under the Companies Act
    Management of shareholders, such as the preparation of records in accordance with various laws and regulations
    (3) Personal information about applicants for employment and recruiting activities
    Contact with and information provision to applicants for employment and recruiting activities, and other uses necessary for employment and recruiting activities
    (4) Personal information about officers, employees (including retired employees) and their families
    Business communication to employees, payment of remuneration, performance of personnel and labor management, provision of welfare programs, and health management of employees

    4.Provision of personal information to third parties
    The Company will not provide personal information it holds to any third party, except in the following cases.
    (1) When the individual has provided consent
    (2) When the Company outsources all or part of the handling of personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use. In this case, the Company will conclude a non-disclosure agreement with the contractor and provide the necessary and appropriate supervision of the contractor.
    (3) When the Company uses personal information jointly with a specific person in accordance with the provisions of the following paragraph
    (4) Other cases permitted by law and regulations

    5.Shared use of personal information
    The Company will use personal information within the following scope for the purposes of use described in “3. Purposes of use of personal information” above.
    (1) Personal information for joint use All information acquired by the Company based on “2. Information about the acquisition and use of personal information” above
    (2) Scope of companies sharing information
    The Company’s subsidiaries and affiliated companies
    (3) Name, address and representative director, etc. of the company responsible for the management of personal data
    2-11 Kandanishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0054
    Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd.
    Masanobu Shintani, President & CEO

    6.Security management measures
    The Company implements necessary and appropriate security measures for the management of personal data, including preventing the leakage, loss and destruction of such data. In addition, the Company will take the necessary and appropriate measures for employees and contractors who handle personal data. Major initiatives are as follows.
    (1) Systematic security measures
    The Company has established a system for reporting to and contacting the person in charge when a fact or an indication of a violation of laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal data is identified.
    (2) Physical security measures
    The Company restricts access to areas that manage important information systems such as servers that handle personal information databases. In addition, the Company prevents unauthorized persons from viewing personal data by installing partitions and taking other measures to prevent peeps.
    (3) Technological security measures
    The Company has introduced security software to its servers, PCs, and other information terminals, and has installed firewalls and other measures to prevent unauthorized access from outside.
    For safety control measures taken by the Company, please contact the “Inquiry desk” listed in 8. below.

    7.Handling of personal information on this website
    (1) Use of cookies
    This website uses cookies to improve services and to provide more suitable services to visitors to this website. A cookie is a function which stores information that a visitor to this website has viewed this website on a computer (or device that can connect to the Internet, such as a smartphone or tablet). Cookies allow us to obtain information such as the number of times the visitor’s computer has visited our website and the pages visited. The information collected through cookies does not contain any information that would allow us to identify individual visitors to this website.
    In addition, it is possible to suspend the cookie function by setting the browser of the viewer of this website. Even if the cookie function is suspended, it will not affect the use of this website.
    (2) Use of Google Analytics
    This website uses Google Analytics of Google LLC to collect, record, and analyze browsing history. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect information without collecting any data that may identify a specific individual. You can set to stop using Google Analytics by changing your settings on Google’s opt-out add-on download page. The information collected, recorded and analyzed by Google Analytics is managed in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy, but does not contain any information that identifies a specific individual.
    Google Privacy Policy
    (3) Encryption by SSL technology
    Personal information submitted through the e-mail form on this website is encrypted and protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. Any personal information that you send us will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy and will not be used for any purpose other than to respond to your inquiry.

    8.Contact for requests for disclosure of personal information and inquiries
    When we receive a request for reference, correction, suspension of use, deletion, etc. of personal information, we will promptly respond to the request after confirming the identity of the individual in accordance with the prescribed procedures. For these requests and any questions or complaints regarding this Policy or our handling of personal data, please contact the following.
    *A fee may be charged for disclosure, etc., depending on the content of the request
    Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd., Inquiry Desk
    For inquiries, etc., please contact the Human Resources & General Affairs Department from here.