Shareholder Returns / Dividends

Shareholder Returns

【Dividend Policy】
The Company recognizes the return of profits to shareholders as one of management’s highest priorities. Our fundamental policy is to pay shareholders a stable dividend over the long term and we will work to achieve continuous enhancement of corporate value, aiming to increase dividend per share by further strengthening our management structure and thereby bolstering our ability to generate stable earnings.
Meanwhile, we plan to use our internal reserves to make strategic investments in growth areas and expand our overseas business in the future.
The Company paid a year-end dividend for the fiscal year under review of 22 yen per share.
Combined with the interim dividend of 21 yen per share already paid on June 14, 2023, this will bring the annual dividend to 43 yen per share.
The Company’s Articles of Incorporation state that, unless otherwise provided for by laws and regulations, the Company may make distribution of surplus based on a resolution of the Board of Directors.
The Articles of Incorporation also state that the Company may, by resolution of the Board of Directors, pay interim dividends, the record date of which shall be March 31 each year.

(Note) Distributions of surplus, the record date of which belongs to the fiscal year under review are as follows:

Date of resolutionTotal amount of dividends (thousands of yen)Dividend per share (yen)
Resolution of meeting of Board of Directors held on May 10, 2023604,17721.00
Resolution of meeting of Board of Directors held on November 7, 2023632,96922.00
Changes In Dividends Per Share
1 to 2 share split was implemented with January 31, 2020 as the record date.
Shareholder Benefits

The Company does not provide shareholder benefits.