Challenging ourselves for the BEST solution


Being a Company Contributing the Sustainable
Development of Our Society


Our 70 years of
history started in Kobe

Since 1947


About us

The mission represents what Sanyo Trade exists for. We have a steady and unwavering spirit, and yet are also in constant pursuit of new opportunities.
This kind of enthusiasm is only possible in a workplace that has a positive atmosphere—one where every employee has opinions that contribute to our business partners, and where they can have heated discussions with others about their ideas, regardless of rank.
By treasuring this open-minded corporate culture, Sanyo Trading can continue to develop further.


With an unwavering and enterprising spirit and a free and open corporate culture,
we will supply the best solutions in a flexible and timely fashion,
working to realize a process of “co-creation” by which we contribute both to the sustainable
development of the international community and the happiness of employees.