Industrial Products

Industrial Products Business Unit No.1,No.2

Developing and Importing High-Value-Added Automotive Parts and Components

Industrial Products Business Unit doing sales activities of high-functional parts for automobile seats.

The main handling products are, GST AutoLeather Inc. (USA) producing Genuine Leather, Leggett & Platt Automotive group in which Schukra of North America Co.(Canada) and Wuxi Leggett & Platt – Huaguang Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.China) producing lumbar support, Pullmaflex Benelux N.V. (Belgium) producing suspension mat, GZ L & V Co., Ltd(China) producing seat adjusters motor, L & C Changsha Cable Industries Ltd.(China) producing the cable, Gentherm Inc. (USA) producing seat Heater and Ventilation system ・ECU, IEE S.A. (Luxembourg) producing seat belt reminder・occupant detection system, and various sensors. We are handling with the wide range of the products.


In recent years, as new developing products, we are promoting an innovative Lithium Sulfur (Li-S) battery from OXIS Energy Ltd. in Oxfordshire, UK, a competitive digital twin benchmarking data from Caresoft Global Inc in Michigan, USA, a wireless vital sensor by Carea Corporation in Toyama, Japan, anti-sputtering inhibitor from Funabori Co., Ltd in Chiba, Japan, and Ultra Fine Bubble (UFB) generating unit by Shibata Corporation in Aichi, Japan.