Frequently Asked Questions

1. Financial Related

When does Sanyo’s fiscal year end?

Our fiscal year ends on September 30.

Where can I see Sanyo’s financial performance history?

Please refer to “Performance Highlights“ “Financial Statements“.

Where can I find information on the latest financial results?

Please refer to “Performance Highlights”.

Where can I see Sanyo’s business forecast?

Please refer to “Financial Statements” of IR Library for business forecast.

What is Sanyo’s management policy and plan?

Please refer to the “Sanyo Vision 2028” Presentation.

2. Stock Related

On which stock exchange is Sanyo listed?

We are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

When was the stock first listed?

Our company got listed on the 2nd section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on October 23, 2012 and has been listed on the 1st section since Oct. 23, 2013.

What is the company’s stock code?

The stock code is 3176.

What is the company’s share trading unit?

1The trading unit is 100 shares.

When are the record dates for dividend payments?

They are September 30th and March 31st every year.

What are the details regarding dividends?

Please refer to the “Shareholder Returns / Dividends” page.

When and where does Sanyo hold the general shareholders’ meeting?

The general shareholders’ meeting is held annually in late December.

Where can I find information on share transfers, stock administration procedures such as change of address, and the shareholder registry administrator?

Please refer to the “Stock Procedures” page.

3. General

When was Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd. established?

In March 1947, Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd. was founded by members of the former Mitsui & Co., Ltd. following its dissolution, and the Kobe Branch was set up as the Head Office with a capital of JPY195,000.
Please refer to the “History” page.

Where can I find information on Sanyo’s management philosophy?

We foster an open, down-to-earth, and entrepreneurial corporate culture that drives our collective efforts to deliver the best solutions flexibly and timely so that we can help achieve the sustainable development of the global community and fulfill employees’ aspirations for well-being.
Please refer to the “Corporate Mission Vision Values” page.

What is Sanyo’s main business?

Sanyo is a trade firm which handles rubber, chemical, interior component for automobile, machinery, and scientific instruments, etc. Please refer to the “Our Business” page.

How many employees does Sanyo have?

Please refer to the “Corporate Profile” page.

Where are the Sanyo Trading offices inside and outside of Japan?

Please refer to “About Us: Worldwide Network“.

What is Sanyo Trading’s contribution to society?

Please refer to “Sustainability“.

Where to contact for investor relations inquiries?

Please use the inquiry form on the website to contact the Investor Relations (IR) Group of Corporate Planning Department.